Saturday, October 30, 2010

no # - Trades Checklist

Here's the checklist for the 1974 Trades set.  This card has no card number (just like the team checklists), but I've decided to place it here for a couple of reasons.  Since it has no number, I wanted it to be the first card of the Trades set to appear in this blog set.  I've also decided to insert the Trades cards into the overall blog set immediately after that Traded player's original card.  This is because I've always felt that these cards were just as part of the set as the others, and I wanted to make it easy to compare the two cards in two consecutive posts.  And since the first Trades (#23T) card comes immediately after card #23, I decided to place the Trades Checklist card before #23.  So, here it is, right after card #22.  Nice chartreuse color, too - real 70's!

I obviously used this checklist to keep track of cards as I collected them, but stopped checking the boxes for some reason.  The Trades cards are ripe with airbrushing masterpieces.  Stay tuned...


  1. It was cool seeing those traded cards appear in our packs at the end of the 1974 and 1976 seasons

  2. Matt, absolutely! I know Topps used them later in the 80's, too, but by the mid 80's I was buying unopened regular and traded sets. Much more fun to buy packs and discover your cards one by one.