Friday, October 29, 2010

#22 - Cy Acosta (CWS)

While I remember this card from my youth, I never really made the connection of "Cy" as a name with Cy Young.  I'm not sure if Cy is a nickname for Cecilio, or whether there is a reference to Cy Young.  If the latter, they picked the wrong guy.  He spent only four years in the bigs, with 1973 being his best.  The 1974 season would be his last with the Sox, and would only make six appearances for the Phils in '75.  He never started a game in his career, and came entirely out of the bullpen.  In '73, he appeared in 48 games, finished 42 of them, yet had only 18 saves.  I wonder what his role was?

I discovered a few discrepancies between his card and what Baseball Reference has on their website.  His
'72 and '73 ERA's BR has as 1.56 and 2.23, along with 60 strikeouts in '73 and 97 innings tossed.  I wonder why the difference?

Cartoon: What's a "hopping" fastball?  Oh, I get it.  It's a two-seamer with four legs and a smile. 

Ballpark background: This photo was taken at the Oakland Coliseum.  I was able to figure this out mostly because it looks just like it

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