Saturday, October 16, 2010

#17 - Doug Bird (KC)

Doug played the first half of his career with the Royals.  He later played for the Phils, Yanks, Cubbies and BoSox.  Doug had the misfortune of playing for pennant or Workd Series winners just a year or two shy of that team actually winning.  Doug played against the Yanks in the three ALCS between 1976-78.  He beat NY in one '76 playoff series, and lost one to the Yanks in the '78 ALCS.  The Royals won the pennant in 1980.  He played for the Phils in '79 (1980 WS champs) and the Yankees in 1980 (1981 AL champs).

At 6'-3", Doug is tall, but at only 175 lbs., he is skinny.  Bean pole.  You don't see players like this anymore.  Tim Lincecum may come the closest to what used to be much more common.  Doug's sideburns look good enough to toss on the barbecue.  I think I saw him walking down the street in an episode of Streets of San Francisco when I was a kid.

Cartoon: Again, this cartoon wouldn't happen today with the restrictions in the contracts.  I've never seen somebody ski in a baseball uniform, and have certainly never seen such short poles.  Maybe his legs acted as poles.

Ballpark background:  Here, Doug is posing for a shot at the Oakland Coliseum.  The grass looks a bit dry in the area where his teammates are playing.  I fully remember those huge scoreboards attached to the light towers behind the bleachers from my youth.  I may even be able to figure out what the advertising is if I give it enough thought.

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  1. Arco was a sponsor that was on that sign, but I think that was on the left hand side. The right hand advertising looks like it had some orange in it (76?).