Sunday, October 31, 2010

Another 1974 Topps Blog - Pennant Fever

Yesterday I discovered another 1974 Topps set blog, called 1974 Topps - Pennant Fever, by somebody with a blog name of "wobs."  It's funny because apparently we started our blogs at about the same time, and there are some odd things in common.  I wanted to do this blog for months, and did some pretty extensive research (including the first million Google pages) before starting it to make sure nobody else out there was doing a 1974 set.

Well, "wobs" started his in June, and mine in July.  He didn't do any posts in July, so there were probably no Google listings for it just from his two posts in June.  He's doing the set numerically, as am I.  We both posted a bit in August, in almost a "race."  We passed each other, and in a total coincidence, we both posted card #14 Paul Popovich on September 29, 2010.  Here's his, and here's mine.  He surged ahead in October with a huge number in one day, and hasn't posted since the 15th.  It will be really interesting comparing our work.  He's taking shots at ballpark backgrounds, and dropping other great pieces of info in.  Cool!  I've added his blog to my blogroll and links.


  1. wobs contacted me a little while ago and I added his blog link. I was going to alert you and then it completely slipped my mind.