Monday, October 18, 2010


Yesterday, October 17th, was the 21st anniversary of the earthquake that struck game 3 of the 1989 World Series in San Francisco.  Candlestick Park had the weirdest things happen there, and I've witnessed many of those bizarre things.  But to have a major earthquake cause a bridge to break, a freeway to collapse, a section of a city to catch fire and delay the World Series by 10 days, just minutes prior to the first WS game there in 27 years, really should have been predictable.

Yesterday's post of Gary Thomasson I actually did the day before, but delayed the posting by a day because I did two posts at the same time.  I didn't realize it Saturday, but the anniversary of the earthquake would be a card of a Giant, with Candlestick Park in the photo.  The light towers shown, one right on top of Gary's hat, and the other at the top of the stadium at the far left, are very high above the rim.  The one at left, I believe, was the one that had a maintenance worker on top of it when the quake struck.  Those towers shook violently from side to side, but he made it down okay.

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