Monday, October 11, 2010

no # - Baltimore Orioles Checklist

The team checklists in the 1974 Topps set didn't have card numbers.  I've decided to post each one following the team's team photo card.  Autographs that Topps was able to secure are shown on the front, while the team checklist is showed on the back.  These cards were both issued as part of the set, and available by mail if you wrote to Topps.  The mail order sets came in sheets of cards and left the buyer to cut the cards out if they desired.  I got these checklist cards both ways.  If I remember correctly, I didn't do such a good job of cutting my own sheets, and probably discarded those cards because they were too imperfect.

One thing that was pointed out on another blog (I forget where, and I wish I could remember) is that there were two differing sets of these checklist cards.  Notice the bottom "printed" line of the card.  Some cards had one star before the copyright, and some had two.  Looking through my checklist cards, I have some with one and some with two.  Anybody know the story behind this?

This card shows that I took liberty to use the checklist for my own record keeping.  I updated it several times as there are both pencil and pen in checking the boxes.  A few boxes are blank, indicating that these cards were acquired late in my collecting of these cards.  I may have even bought some of these from card shops in the 80's.

Notice Powell's signature.  Boog is in quotes.  John "Boog" Powell.  I wonder where he got such a nickname?  Maybe we'll find out later on in the set.  And a handwriting expert might be able to shed some light on the reverse slant of Brooks Robinson and Paul Blair's autographs.

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  1. I loved those cards. That's the way Topps should do team checklists every year.