I'm using certain labels to organize and track various trends in the 1974 Topps Set.  The labels can be found down a bit in the right margin.  I like trying to figure out the ballpark where the photo was taken.  I like seeing whether the photo is a pose, candid shot or action shot.  So, I'm breaking the labels into sub-categories to make it easier to count them.  I'm going to use the labels as counters to see how many players in the set are left handed, for example, or how many photos are taken at the Oakland Coliseum.  Here's a list of things I'm using labels for, and I'll be updating this list as I add new labels:

Team (including the Washington/National League possibility for the Padres)
Position (including multiple positions e.g. 1B-OF, the non-descript "infield," the DH, and manager)
Picture (action, pose or candid shots)
Ballpark background (a certain ballpark, spring training, or undetermined)
Righty/Lefty splits for both throwing and batting (including switch hitter, and any cross-overs like bats right & throws left)
Hall of Fame (HOF)
Players weighing over 200 lbs. (players were a bit smaller prior to the hyper-training era)
Team photo
Team checklist w/ autographs
Trades Set
Hank Aaron special cards

[Update]  Added labels since this page was created:

Traded with no Traded Card (players who were traded but didn't end up with a card in the Trades set)
World Series ring (WS ring)
WS ring mgr (world series ring as a manager, e.g. Joe Torre)
Airbrush (for those wonderful painted team makeovers)
Horizontal layout cards
Cards (every card has this label, to keep track of the total number of cards)
Players (every player has this label, to keep track of the total number of individual players)
*Special cards: I will be adding All-Star, rookie, and other special card labels when they occur

Suggestions from my readers are also welcome, although I may not include all of them as labels.


  1. It would be a lot of work, but I always wanted to break down a set by player's first card, player's last ard and player's only card, just to see how many of each would be in a set.
    That tedious process aside, I am really enjoying your blog!

  2. It is a ghoulish interest of mine to know if the player is deceased. I'm sure it's not for everyone.