Sunday, October 2, 2011

#59T - Ross Grimsley "Traded" (BAL)

This is not your typical airbrush job.  Oh, it's an airbrush job, alright, but the oriole cartoon logo on Grimsley's hat seems to be cut and pasted from another photo onto this picture.  The detail of the bird is too fine and the artists don't have the capability of producing such artwork.  So, this hat is almost in a category by itself.  Anybody else with any input on this hat?  Could airbrushers have done this in your opinion?

Grimsley was traded from one 70's powerhouse team to another, the main other player in the trade being Merv Rettenmund.  He was traded from a team that played the A's in the World Series to a team that played them in the ALCS just two years later.  This card really stuck in my memory from my childhood and now it's stuck on my blog.

Ballpark Background:  As far as I can tell, this is Riverfront Stadium.  Grimsley is wearing the Reds home uni in this pic, and it looks like Riverfront.  So why not?