How This Blog Started

A couple of years ago I was told of an acquaintance of mine, and friend of many of my friends, that he had a really good blog about modern graphic design. I checked it out and really liked it. Dave C at grain edit was the guy and he and his team have such a talent for coming up with modern graphic design from the 50's to the 70's that they were ranked as one of the top such sites. Anyway, it struck me that the design of the 1972 Topps baseball cards, with their funkadelic layout, would fit in such a site. (I still need to approach him on the subject. Shhhhh!)

I began Googling for material on the '72 set, and came up with a few things. But the best by far was the 1972 Topps Set blog by MMays. Each card was scanned and posted, front and back. The memories came back from my childhood. I realized that I had almost a complete 1974 Topps set, and that I could do such a thing someday. So I tinkered around his blogroll and the blogrolls of those on his blogrolls. I noted that there seemed to be a great hole in the ballcard blogs: 1974. So I put the idea on the back burner until just a couple of weeks ago when I created the 1974 Topps Set blog.

I've been a blogger with Blogger for over five years now. The format changed greatly over this time, and I knew it. I've been fearful of all those mass info losses that people have experienced with changing a blog format. So starting a new blog has been an experiment in experimentation. I think I've got down what I want, and I've got a scanning process in place that should work for the entirety of this project.

I realize that there's a great community of ballcard bloggers out there, and I hope I'm not stepping on anybody's toes with either doing a 1974 set or using the 1974topps [dot] blogspot [dot] com address. I've found many of you out there after I picked my year and URL. Anyway, I hope to contribute to the community in the same way all those others have contributed to my enjoyment of baseball cards.