Friday, February 11, 2011

Scanning Delays

It's been too long for me to not post regularly.  I've hit a scanning management backlog.  The technique I've used to scan my 1974 Topps cards is to place nine cards at a time on my 8 1/2" x 11" all-in-one printer glass plate and scan it in as a "sheet."  I then use a simple photo editor program to crop each of the nine cards out into their own jpeg for future posting.  I've found that this takes much less time than to scan all 660+ cards in one at a time.

Okay, I'm ahead of the game on scanning those "sheets," but way behind on cropping them into individual cards.  I've been really busy lately for various and sundry reasons, and will be back to normal, I hope, when cropping resumes.  I only need to crop a front sheet and a back sheet or so to allow blogging for a couple of weeks.  I'll attempt to do that soon.  So, until then, read my posts again and again and again, and you'll become a '74 Topps expert!

By the way, my green and gold header and my black and gold body/background of the last few weeks was meant to portray the Superbowl teams.  I know this is about baseball, but sometimes I get strange inspirations for my color layouts.  Orange and black necessarily mean Giants, and green and gold might mean A's.


  1. Hey Steve -

    If you want to just grab the card shots from my blog be my guest. I like the colors.

  2. Wobs,

    Thanks for the offer! I cropped my scanned cards, then had no time to blog about them. Hopefully I've got enough stacked up for a few weeks now.